Product Bundles: 10 Hints & Clues

Ten simple guidelines for product bundling while keeping price front of mind.

1. Align bundles with your customer segmentation. Not everybody wants the same things or will value them the same.

2. Don’t create too many features. Your customer cannot absorb more than four features so will not value them when it comes to paying.

3. Ensure the bundle features are a win–win for you and your customer: you get more revenue, they get more value.

4. The base bundle (or ‘good’ product within the bundle) needs to be basic, don’t give too much away.

5. Ensure aspects of your bundle are flexible. The ‘take it or leave it’ approach to bundles is for those who have the power in the supply/demand equation.

6. Bundles allow superb price communication opportunities, remember point 1: different messages for differing customer segments.

7. Don’t embarrass yourself with bundle prices that expose higher prices elsewhere. The precursor to every effective bundle is clarity of individual product positioning.

8. Bundling is not always about discounting, look for opportunities where selling products together adds value.

9. Don’t bundle for the sake of bundling. Ask if you are really going to make more profit with a bundle?

10. Bundles work in different ways for different customer groups. The same products bundled together can be marketed differently to different segments.

Pricing gem:

Bundling products together is about profit optimisation, not a discounting technique.

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