Watch clips from Mark Prince at The Grow Hacking World Forum in London

Watch highlights of Mark Prince in conversation with Michel Koch, CMO of Time Inc and Nicola Anderson from GoCardless at the Growth Hacking World Forum in London. The three took questions on how to build a growth culture in an organisation.

Why some people don’t actually want business growth – Mark Prince Growth Hacking World Forum 

Mark explains why some company owners get beguiled by new ideas and say they want to grow their company – but aren’t prepared to trade their comfortable lifestyle for the hard work that growing a business takes.

How do you prioritise which growth ideas to follow

Mark Prince talks about how to stay focused on the main growth strategy when everyone is bombarding you with new ideas.

How to handle team members who are change-resistant?

Mark talks about how to handle team members who are change-resistant and why their position in the organisation is key to your approach.

Incremental improvements

Mark talks about how focusing on very small objectives and actions can create larger change.

How do you communicate a growth strategy to your own team

Speaking at the Growth Hacking World Forum, Mark talks about how  to convince your internal employees to adopt a change culture – and how getting every member of the team onboard can result in massive business success.

Download Mark's notes from the Growth Hacking World Forum