The Excellence Test

The Excellence Test is a 26 stage business review covering 6 categories.

The contents have been distilled from extensive study of more than 50 high-growth companies that I’ve either been involved with or interviewed substantially.  The higher a company scores against the test, the more factors it already has in place for high growth and success. 

I developed this unique tool to fully evaluate if the competencies exist for high growth within a business; a company doesn’t have to pass every section of the Excellence Test, but the more the better.  For those that score badly, this usually acts as a real wake-up call to stop doing what you are doing and really think about why you are in business.  For others, it gives us a road map of what areas need addressing to take a company from mediocrity to brilliance. 

Do good things and good things will happen.

Engage with the test

The Excellence Test is carried out by myself and my colleagues in a structured forum discussion with your management team.  Before we implement the test we will have already carried out initial research into your business, your aspirations for growth and your marketplace.  It WILL challenge you, it MAY completely change your view of what business you are in.

 The test is constructed to help leaders see the gaps in their approach and support them to develop positive moves forward.  You can begin the conversation (under no obligation) by answering these primer questions first, or email me on:

Primer questions (This is not the test!)

The Excellence Test consists of 26 detailed interrogations of your business over 6 categories.  These 6 primer questions below will enable me to first take a snapshot of your business and give my initial feedback on your aspirations for growth:

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