How to create a successful and profitable business exit plan

If you speak to a classic advisor and business broker they will sell you the dream. You will be talking about what business exit means in reality, and they will be pushing images of you on your yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. The reality: fairly often there are no earnings.  Or by the time the wages of the replacement of the owner have been taken, there is nothing left to multiply.

If you’ve read strategy books or spoken with management experts, you’ll know that they all say that you must plan for the exit at the beginning. It’s great advice. Everyone ignores it. You’ve been far too busy building your business to put an exit plan in place. Or you’ve been so passionate about your company that you haven’t been prepared to consider exit as an option before.

Whether you’re starting your manufacturing business now and wanting to plan your exit upfront, you’re considering creating an exit plan just in case for your current company, you’re ready for exit now and want to get the ball rolling, or you have no plans to exit but know you should at least consider all options, this guide is for you.

What you will learn from this guide