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I encourage every business I work with to have clarity in their aims and in the way they intend to achieve them, my own business is no different, if I’m clear then why shouldn’t I share it with potential clients!

This principle applies to pricing as well, simply stated, I don’t charge including high corporate overheads and margins, I do charge for the benefit of my time and experience.  You can engage with me on the following basis:

Friends of the Family

icon-friends-of-the-familyMany of the projects I undertake come about because clients who trust me, and benefit from my support, recommend me to others.

I am always proud to receive such recommendations and, when they come, I treat each project differently and with the respect that the trust I have been given deserves. I give the service that is needed and I know I’ll be treated with respect in return. So if we’ve been introduced by a mutual connection, then let’s just talk.

Hour by hour Blitz

icon-hour-by-hourI receive frequent requests to read over a business plan, advise on a small issue or just listen to a situation or an opportunity. I’ve come across really interesting situations and good ideas and been able to use experience to guide generally and specifically. However, one person’s quick question can soon be multiplied into a full time hobby for me and I’m in business too!

The Blitz service I offer is simple, send me a question, situation or opportunity with as much or as little background data as you wish: I’ll spend an hour reviewing and researching and an hour on the phone or Skype, two hours of intense independent review of a subject. I charge £500 and a further £500 if you want to see our conversation and conclusions written up in an executive summary type report.

Business Review

icon-business-reviewThe Business Review is a full scale and practical study, intended to provide strategic and implementation options to help a business succeed; whatever its goals. The report produced will be comprehensive, suitable for raising finance support, or main Board support for a subsidiary plan. The report will be created from research in the company, in the market, with customers and with an eye on competitors. The study will take at least five days, over an elapsed time averaging about six weeks, it costs and is capped at £5,000; whatever the endeavour needed to complete the job.

Longer Term

icon-longer-termVirtually every Business Review completed leads to a longer term relationship with a client, this can range from implementation support, regular monthly reviews to formal non executive Director posts and on to equity investments. I enjoy this shared commitment to a goal and being able to continue to help and guide, my clients seem to relish a strange and almost pained satisfaction in being reminded of their commitments! By this stage the client is in “the family” and the arrangement concluded by common consent.

If you like what you read, or are just interested by it, why not put your business up for scrutiny and dare to collaborate, all the most successful business people do!

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