Surely manufacturers are interested in growth and disruption? But no, it appears that the art of fast, strategic growth is being championed by companies that deal only in intangibles. Manufacturers are currently missing the growth revolution.

Gousto is a British online grocery service that provides recipe kit boxes to subscribers. Each box includes fresh ingredients with meat, fish and vegetables, along with a step-by-step recipe guide. And as all the ingredients provided are measured out in the quantities needed, nothing is wasted.

It doesn’t have to be a choice between making money and doing good – the two can exist side by side. Simply turning a profit is no longer enough for most of us. Instead, we want to feel we are actively contributing to society.

The ride-sharing service BlaBlaCar is challenging the perception of car sharing, using mobile technology to make it easier and more appealing than ever to offer a ride or seek a lift with a fellow traveller.

Today, you are more likely to pick up your phone to access the internet than sit down at your desktop. It’s why Google always build for mobile first. Today, mobile is more important than ever and to succeed, a mobile-responsive site is no longer enough: a fully-functioning app is essential.

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