"Pricing is the easiest and most effective business trigger to pull"
Mark Prince, Lancaster University
"Group high price items by brand, not price"
Journal of Marketing Research
"Wrap low value in a voucher"
Dr Markus Hussmann-Kopetsky, Price Management Institute GmbH
"People buy more, for higher, when paying by card"
Journal of Consumer Research
"Use a simple font for sale messages"
James A Mead
"Price is a statement of value"
Mark Prince, Pricing SG
"Have you ever heard of pay per laugh?"
Georgiana V, Delft University
"Renters are spenders"
Academy of Marketing Science
"Popular events drive promotions"
Karen Gedenk
"Quantities look higher if you can count them"
Journal of Consumer Research

“I believe, with absolute conviction, that optimising pricing policy and practice is the easiest, quickest and most certain way to improve profitability. Yet, it is so often ignored.”

Mark Prince, Pricing SG

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‘Silently Wise’ – you might have noticed I don’t have a podcast, I don’t employ marketing agencies and I’m not a social media personality. Instead, my energies are wholly employed working with companies who find me through recommendation and reputation. My remaining time and resources I put into learning and research, which in turn hugely benefits the companies and organisations I advise.

  Price is a statement of value  



Deep and extensive knowledge on pricing strategy from Mark Prince, career-long corporate executive and Visiting Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University

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